Dark circles and age

An important cause of circles developing under your eyes is age. You cannot escape ageing, no matter how much you would want to, but you can delay signs of ageing or conceal them.
You produce less collagen when you get older

Collagen is a kind of fibrous protein that exists in body tissue and not least in your skin. One effect of collagen is that it gives elasticity to your skin. The effect ageing has on your skin is that it becomes thinner as you produce less collagen when you get older. Another important component is the layer of fat filling the cavities around your eyes. This layer of fat reduces as you age, causing a hollow-eyed look.

Lack of sleep over many years
When you have not slept well for 25 years, it affects your body, especially the area around your eyes. Therefore it is important to develop a good bedtime routine at an early age. Working night shifts, for example, is a very bad idea. When your body has adapted itself to a lack of sleep, it is very difficult to develop good sleep habits again.

Unhealthy diet over a long period of time
If you put the wrong fuel in your car occasionally, you might shorten its engine life significantly. If you do it every week, you will get problems with your car quite soon. It is the same with your body and your diet. Having a diet that is not varied enough, or a diet that includes too little vitamin B and K and oxidants over a long period of time will affect your body, not least your skin.

It is not too late to change your habits
Maybe it is difficult for you to find the same deep sleep that you had in your younger years, and it is impossible to get back collagen that you have lost. What you can do is to quit smoking, give up alcohol and make sure to have a healthy diet – this way you can reduce circles and bags under your eyes! It is important to assist the skin around your eyes with a high-quality cream that moisturises and improves your blood flow. Dermalogica Eye Repair eye cream is a test winner that can help you.