Eating healthy

Few things in your daily life related to your body and well-being are as important as your diet. What you eat affects your skin and the appearance of it greatly. You might not be able to get rid of wrinkles completely, but you can definitely reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Many cosmetic problems are due to a lack of minerals and vitamins, and can be reduced, or disappear, if you change your diet.

What is a healthy diet?
First of all, it is important that your diet is varied. You often hear that there should be a wide range of different colours on your plate. Most of the colours come from different kinds of vegetables, which you should see as the base of your diet. It is important to get a lot of protein, especially from fish, eggs and chicken, but red meat is good sometimes. Meat contains huge amounts of protein and is difficult to replace with other types of food. Protein is especially important if you exercise regularly in a way that your muscles become sore afterwards.
Drinking a lot of water is important and gives your skin elasticity and a nice colour. Your skin is a large organ that weighs several kilos and needs a lot of water every day to look good. If you drink too little water, your body will automatically cut down on the extra water that makes your skin look healthy. Including vitamin K and B in your diet is important for your skin, and so is also food containing a sufficient amount of oxidants, which delay the ageing of your body and skin.

Six quick tips for reducing circles under your eyes:

1. Quit all use of nicotine immediately. Nicotine has a negative effect on the blood flow in the capillaries, causing cold hands and feet, erectile dysfunction and dark circles under your eyes.
2. Drink a lot of water. Skip coffee, juice, alcohol, soft driks. Tea is ok.
3. Invest in a high-quality vitamin supplement that gives you what you need. Do not buy something worthless just because it is cheap, focus on quality!
4. Do not eat a lot of salt. Salt retains water, which immediately results in baggy eyes.
5. Get yourself a good eye cream that manages discolouring and bags under your eyes by revitalising and improving your blood circulation. Dermalogica Eye Repair is a test winner that can help you.
6. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables are expensive, but if you eat a lot of root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, you stay satisfied for longer. Leaf vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and salad are also important.