Home remedies

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and thinner than on most other areas in your face. It has no sebaceous glands and has a very fine structure. This is why this area needs special care. Want of proper care, abuse, ageing, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle in general are causes of dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are also due to genes, lack of sleep, illness and malnutrition. Therefore, together with external treatment of your skin, it is important that you take these aspects into consideration in order to determine the cause and to achieve the necessary changes that are required for a healthy looking skin.

Discolouring around the eyes can appear already at the age of 20. This can be due to causes that were mentioned above, for example an unhealthy lifestyle, spending all free time in front of the computer and an unbalanced diet. It is important to change an unhealthy lifestyle, start exercising and have a varied and healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit, salads, yoghurt and sprouts, lots of wholemeal, cottage cheese, lentils and beans.

Creams around the eyes
A cream that is especially developed for use around the eyes should be used for removing make-up. The cream should be thin so that it can be applied easily to the sensitive skin. Leave the cream to act for 5-10 minutes and then remove it with a damp cotton pad. The cream should never be left on the area around your eyes overnight. Be aware that normal face masks should not be used on the skin around your eyes. Complement with an eye cream for improved blood circulation and revitalization of the skin around the eyes, Eye Repair by Dermalogica is an excellent option.

Eye fatigue
Swollen, drooping eyes can be revitalized. Wash your eyes with lukewarm water and then do it again with cold water. This improves the blood flow in your eyes and has a calming effect on your skin.
A few remedies for dark circles under the eyes:

  • Cucumber juice is commonly used. The juice should be applied daily around the eyes and washed away with water after 15 minutes
  • Cucumber

  • Mix potato juice with equal amounts of cucumber juice and apply daily using a soft cotton pad. Wash away after 15 minutes with cold water
  • Dark circles can also be treated by using cucumber juice mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice. Apply daily and wash away with water after 15 minutes

Get enough exercise and sleep
Daily exercise, together with deep breathing improves your blood circulation, oxygenation and controls stress. Enough sleep and rest are very important.

Touching the skin around your eyes
Smooth movements are important when you touch the skin around your eyes. When you use skin creams, apply the cream carefully with soft finger tips. When you scratch yourself in the eyes, do not be too rough. You should not stretch the skin around your eyes in any way. Massaging of the area around your eyes should be done by a professional aesthetician who knows the right technique. A gel or a cream should be used for removing make-up, and use a soft cotton pad for application. Gels and creams help to dissolve make-up and dirt, making it easier for you to remove your make-up.